Previously this blog was informed by a Marxist Leninist outlook. However, after a period of fundamental reflection, this has been found to be in error. The catalyst for this reassessment was the EU referendum.

Phrases such as rebuilding Britain, working class nationalism, reclaiming British sovereignty, amongst others, were used to justify campaigning for a “leave vote” by workers. The free movement of labour became equated with the free movement of capital, which all too readily gave a socialistic gloss to migration/immigration controls.

Marx’s support for nationalist movements in such as Poland was used to justify a communist nationalism, an oxymoron if ever there was one. Historical context was set aside and, consequently, so was the defining principle that workers have no country: workers of the world unite.

As previous postings reflected a position no longer subscribed too they have been removed. This is not to pretend they were never written, but to allow for a complete reorientation for the blog. It will mean questionable consistency as an attempt is made to reflect on Marxism and what it means for the future.

What has become apparent once freed from having to adhere to and justify a particular political party line is just how feeble the influence of Marxism is in Britain, in the world. At a time when increasing numbers are disillusioned with politics and the effects of crisis capitalism, where is the distinctive and influential Marxist voice?

Instead, anti-establishment attitudes have travelled the dangerous path towards authoritarian, demagogic movements and individuals – UKIP, Farage, Trump and Brexit. If those Marxist Leninist groups and parties who advocated leaving the EU are claiming victory they are seriously self-deluded. It has been the triumph of little Britishers and the fear of foreigners.

This is not to suggest advocacy of a pro-EU vote. No matter which way the referendum had gone capitalism remained unchanged. The only useful vote was a spoiled one, a refusal to play the capitalist political game.

Columns of the socialist/communist press are largely self-justifying of whichever political line is pursued, with any debate being more often of a distinctly esoteric nature. The strop has been used to hone Ockham’s razor for the slicing and dicing of Marxism until it takes on whichever flavour suits the particular taste.

A hundred years after the Russian Revolution, thirty years after its final collapse, the terms Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyist are still bandied around as badges of association, as labels of condemnation. While the working class struggles on paying little or no heed to any of it.

There is, of course, no time limit on when socialism can be achieved, just as there is no blue (should that be RED) print for what it will look like. It is the intention that this blog will make its own miniscule contribution to, hopefully, the development of a Marxism of significance.

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