Is the USA the defender of life and liberty in Korea? The straightforward answer is decisively, no! It is an imperialist presence, maintaining large aggressive force in the South and conducting belligerent military operations that can only be interpreted as threatening in the North.

The fate of regimes in Iraq and Libya that the USA have taken against offer dire examples of what can happen due to a disproportionate balance of forces. Whatever the iniquities of those now former regimes, the resulting protracted chaos following their removal serve as warnings.

So it is hardly surprising that the government of a country brought into the cross-hairs of US attention should adopt heightened measures of self-defence. However, while Saddam Hussain did not have weapons of mass destruction, Kim Jong Un most certainly does.

The sight of missiles on transporters amidst massed ranks of goose stepping troops parading through the streets of the capital is disturbing. It is suggestive that if there is socialism in the DPRK then it is National Socialism.

It is surely incumbent on those professing to be the vanguard leadership of the proletariat that they do not use the working class, their own country’s or those elsewhere, as political bargaining chips.

Nuclear weapons cannot be used to defend a way of life. To think otherwise is to be subject to a delusional oxymoron. It is incumbent on Marxists, Communists and Socialists to agitate and work for the destruction of such weapons, not be advocates for weapons of catastrophic destruction.

That this creates a dilemma for those subjected to US threats then this has to be faced. At the very least, if such a leadership has responded by developing its own nuclear weapons, surely it should be seeking as loudly as possible to trade them for co-existence at least, if outright peace cannot be achieved.

Bellicose threats and defiant displays invite only greater offensive reaction. Any misjudgement in such precariously attuned circumstances brings disaster down on the people, whose subsequent mass slaughter would be a tragic affirmation that they are powerless, the very antithesis of socialism.

It is for parties, groups, individuals who claim to be Marxists to shed any delusions about the supposed progressive nature of any nation, itself an anti-Marxist concept, which vehemently promotes nuclear weapons as the salvation of the people.

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